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About Underground Microbrewery

Underground Microbrewery currently brews craft beer in Tbilisi, but in a previous life its brewmasters were mining engineers! You'll probably notice their penchant for giving their beers geologically-themed titles like "Triassic," "Rhodolite," and "Magnetite."

Along with their classic IPA, APA, wheat beer, and stout, UGMB isn't afraid to get experimental with their beers. In the past, they've put out hard seltzers, limoncello beers, spicy stouts, and a non-alcoholic ginger beer that turned out to be quite a hit. It's always worth watching to see what they'll get up to next!

After Megobrebi, UGMB brews are probably the most widely-available craft beers in Georgia, with most craft beer bars stocking at least a few. They deliver not only beer to your door, but also home brewing supplies if you're into that! You can check out what they have on their website.

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