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About Tsota Tsota Pub

Run by Megobrebi Brewery, Tsota Tsota (ცოტა ცოტა, meaning "a little bit, a little bit") Pub is Tbilisi's premier destination for... you guessed it, Megobrebi beers! What their compact (and stylish!) interior lacks in seating it makes up for in beer--and lots of it. They have an impressive tap selection and a fridge full of bottles, some of which you might not be able to find elsewhere.

You'll find all the Megobrebi favorites here, from stouts to lagers to ales, alongside some very impressive fruit liquors that taste dangerously less alcoholic than their potent 35% ABV.

Even better, Tsota Tsota is located in Sololaki, a stone's throw from Sma, Black Dog, and Naturale, making it a very easy stop on a craft beer bar hop. Their food menu complements their beer selection very well, and the whole experience is absolutely a cornerstone of the craft beer scene in Tbilisi!

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