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About Number 8 Craft Beer Club

The flagship location for Number 8 Brewery's craft beers, Number 8 Craft Beer Club is a swanky Vake craft beer bar done in the Brooklyn coffee-shop style. The vibe is chill, the food is good, and the beer selection is solid.

If you like Number 8's offerings, you'll like Number 8 Craft Beer Club--all their regular IPAs, APAs, stouts, ciders, wheats, et cetera are there, along with a selection of homemade tinctures. These infused, low-alcohol liquors actually make a pretty good mixer for the craft beers if you're looking for a fancy boilermaker!

The bar frequently has live music and is a chill environment for a night out with friends. They also do takeout and delivery if you want to pick up some plastic bottles of their beer to drink at home or elsewhere. Number 8 even runs its own website where you can order online!

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