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About Lost Ridge Inn

What really sets Lost Ridge Inn apart is that they're, well... set apart. Most Georgian breweries are set up in Tbilisi, but Lost Ridge Inn is located a few hours away, in Sighnaghi, where the brewery runs alongside a hotel and ranch. If you can make it out there, they offer beer tastings and brewery tours along with their kitchen and bar, and that's where you're guaranteed to find their full lineup at any given time.

The brewery has a few major flagship beers, notably including a Belgian tripel, a Belgian pale ale, and a saison, both of which aren't very common on the Georgian craft beer scene as of 2020. They also have a few beers experimenting with local Georgian ingredients for flavor, including honey and watermelon.

Lost Ridge Inn doesn't distribute very widely in Tbilisi, but you may spot them in a few of the more specialized craft beer bars and perhaps in some random restaurants. The beers you're most likely to spot in the wild are their IPA, Belgian tripel, and Belgian pale ale, and they're all certainly worth trying.

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