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About LOKAL Tbilisi

LOKAL Tbilisi is a coliving/coworking space in Tbilisi's Vera district, and also an unexpected craft beer haven away from the Sololaki craft beer center! While not a traditional bar, its beautiful outdoor space is fantastic for grabbing a drink, and its spacious interior is a great place to work, meet, and unwind with a beer after a busy day. They also tend to have a full events schedule, so there's often a good excuse to go drink a few beers there.

LOKAL is actually quite involved with the local craft beer community, even hosting beer festivals on occasion, and as such it has a wide selection of breweries available, and occasionally gets in some limited-run beers. They are very responsive to community requests and will probably consider ordering a beer from a brewery if you ask! Their main selection is comprised of Megobrebi, Underground Microbrewery, Naturale, and Sunset Inn, with other breweries making occasional appearances. The variety is wider than you might expect for a place that's not officially a bar!

As a coworking/coliving space, LOKAL is open for business mostly during daylight and evening hours. There's a fee to work there, so be honest and pay it if you plan to do that, but you're also welcome to stop in for a beer and a chat! The staff are friendly (mostly English-speaking) and will help you with anything you need.

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