Find craft beer in Georgia

About Chemo Kargo Beer Factory

Chemo Kargo has several restaurants located around Tbilisi, all of which serve their brand of craft beer, but this is the primary outlet for the beer side of their business.

Their beers are all fairly standard: APA, pilsner, stout, wheat, and a few others. They're all very decent, and pair very nicely with Chemo Kargo's wide range of Georgian foods.

Chemo Kargo runs their own delivery service through their website, and they'll deliver food and beer throughout Tbilisi. The takeaway service is the standard "pour the beer into a plastic bottle" style, but if you don't want to drink it all within the next few days you can also get their beer in more traditional glass bottles. Their logo is a cute bulldog, which definitely makes the beer taste better! They don't seem to distribute much outside of their own restaurants, though bottles have popped up in some beer retailers around Tbilisi.

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