Find craft beer in Georgia

About Beer Library Vake

The Vake branch of the Beer Library doesn't have quite as many craft beers as the Dighomi one does, but the basic idea is the same! Like many of the small takeout taphouses dotted around Tbilisi, Beer Library will fill up a plastic bottle of beer from a tap and seal it for you to take home or to be delivered to you via an online service.

The taps are mostly local and international macrobrews, but the Beer Library sets itself apart from other drafthouses by offering bottles of local craft beers. The Vake branch isn't as consistent with this as the Dighomi branch, but being able to buy craft beer in Tbilisi anywhere at all is certainly a step up. There's a lot of potential for these places to become bottle shops along the lines of those found in countries with a stronger craft beer culture.

I haven't physically been to either location, but the delivery services have worked well.

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