Find craft beer in Georgia

About Beer Library Dighomi

There's not a lot of info about the Beer Library in Dighomi or the one in Vake, but both carry a range of local, imported, and craft beers. They are presumably available in the physical locations, but I've personally only ordered online.

The Beer Library model seems basically similar to the small beer drafthouses that you can find around the streets of Tbilisi. They have a selection of taps that they use to fill up plastic bottles for you, alongside an inventory of craft beers in bottles. They occasionally have craft beers on draft, especially from Amphora Beer.

The craft beer bottle selection is also typically limited to a few beers from a few breweries. That said, it's a big step in the right direction! Buying craft beer at a store in Georgia used to be significantly more difficult.

The Dighomi branch of the Beer Library tends to have more craft beers available than the Vake one.

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