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About Amphora Beer

Amphora Beer is pretty much what it sounds like: beer made in amphoras! Or, as they're more commonly known in Georgia, qvevri. The large clay jugs are typically used to ferment wine, but the brewers at Amphora Beer have decided to take a page out of the vintners' book and see what the vessels do to beer. Good things, it turns out! The resulting beers have an interesting earthiness, sometimes coming with an acid tinge. It's definitely a different beer experience, and one worth giving a shot if you can pick up one of their beers.

Their flagship style is Amphora Light, which is a lager, but Amphora Dark, a German-style Märzen beer, is also fairly common. With the recent craft beer revolution sweeping Georgia, they've also introduced a variety of other styles, including pale ale, brown ale, wheat, and porter. They're not so easy to find, but may become more widespread if they prove popular.

You probably won't find yourself down near their brewery in the tiny town of Aspindza very often, as it's a bit of a trek from Tbilisi, but if you're going to visit the Vardzia cave town you might as well stop in to a bar around town and grab one of their beverages. Luckily, you don't need to go all the way down there--Amphora Beer bottles and distributes their beers around Georgia. It's not ubiquitous, but you'll spot a bottle every now and then while browsing around a supermarket or sitting at a bar. AgroHub and Goodwill definitely have them in stock most of the time. The Amphora Light and Amphora Dark are the two you're most likely to see, but the other styles make appearances every so often.

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