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About Alkhanaidze

Information about the actual brewery is hard to find, but you can spot Alkhainidze craft beers floating all around Georgia--mostly their eponymous pilsner. Apsaiti (Offside) restaurant in Telavi seems to have connections to the brewery and stocks a selection of their beers, so it's likely that the brewery itself is somewhere in Telavi.

Wherever the brewery actually is, though, they make pretty good beer! The pilsner is a step above the mass-market beers available in Georgia, and their others, including wheat, dark, and blonde, are solid--if you can find them. The pilsner is the one you can find in random beer shops and at some bars, and the others only rarely make an appearance. The only place I personally have seen Alkhanaidze's non-pilsner beers is in the Apsaiti restaurant in Telavi.

You can recognize Alkhainidze beers by their logo, which includes a golden-colored dancing man and their name. I've found the logo on taps in the small takeaway draft houses that dot Tbilisi--a good find, given that these places almost exclusively have macrobrewed beers. I'm sure more information exists about the brewery--I just haven't asked the right people. If you have any info, contact me!

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