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About 9 Mta

9 Mta (ცხრა მთა/tskhra mta, meaning "Nine Mountains") is one of the first and best craft beer bars in Georgia. Located just off of Tbilisi's Liberty Square, they offer a wide selection of local and imported craft beers on tap and in bottles, and it's one of the few places you can come in and buy bottles/cans of craft beer off the shelf for takeaway (though the prices are still bar prices). They also offer delivery for both food and beer, though only if you're somewhere close to old Tbilisi.

Inside, the ambiance is very modern, the selection is broad, and their food offerings are excellent. The prices are higher than you'll see in most other craft beer bars (10+ GEL for 400 milliliters of most beers), but that's understandable due to their location and the prominent presence of imports on their menu.

They also brew several of their own beers at a brewery located somewhere in Europe (Slovakia? Slovenia? Don't take this as authoritative!), and they're all quite decent, if not strictly "Georgian." These are also some of the only craft beers you'll be able to find on supermarket shelves, as 9 Mta seems to have made some sort of distribution deal that other brewers have found too expensive/difficult so far.

So far, 9 Mta only has one location and limited distribution in Tbilisi, but it's a nice location and decent beer, so it wouldn't be surprising to see them popping up elsewhere.

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