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About 2 Tons Varketili

2 Tons Varketili is one of two 2 Tons (ორი ტონა/Ori Tona) craft brewpubs in Tbilisi. As it's tucked away in the Varketili Micro-district on the southern end of the city, it's a bit of a trek from the downtown areas where you'd expect to find a craft beer place. Its suburban location is still reachable by car, subway, or bus, though, and the cheaper real estate is probably what allowed it to cultivate a massive beer hall atmosphere, complete with long tables and brewing equipment on display.

Started by one of the original founders of the Black Lion beer brand (a Georgian microbrew owned by a macrobrewery), 2 Tons' beers are actually far superior to the comparable Black Lion brews. The quality is fairly high and generally consistent, and a willingness to experiment with fresh styles and flavors does them a lot of favors. Their standard IPAs, Hefeweizens, and stouts are all solid, and their ventures into the realms of sours and flavored beers don't disappoint either.

2 Tons is strictly a brewpub operation--they don't bottle or distribute their beers outside of their two restaurant locations. Some delivery services are also available, but only within a limited radius of their locations, which rules out most of central Tbilisi. Making the trip at least a few times is definitely worth it, though! Both locations are pretty much evenly matched in terms of quality and ambiance, so take your pick between 2 Tons Varketili and 2 Tons Mukhiani.

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