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About 2 Tons Mukhiani

Located in the far north of Tbilisi, in the Mukhiani Micro-district, the craft beer at the 2 Tons Mukhiani brewpub is definitely worth the trip! There are actually two 2 Tons (ორი ტონა/Ori Tona) locations in Tbilisi--the other being 2 Tons Varketili in the south--and it doesn't especially matter which one you go to--they both have a huge beer hall vibe going on and the food/beer is pretty much identical at both.

The 2 Tons brand is loosely connected to Black Lion (a macro-affiliated microbrew you'll see in convenience stores and supermarkets), but with two major differences: 2 Tons' beer is better and you can't, unfortunately, find it outside the brewpubs. They have a good range of standard IPAs, wheat beers, and stouts, but have also ventured into more flavorful sour and flavored beer styles, most of which have come out pretty nicely.

Both branches are brewpub-only, though, with takeout plastic bottles being the only option for taking their beer home. Both have some delivery service, but their remote locations mean that anywhere in central Tbilisi is probably out of luck. The beer and the fun vibe of the pubs make either location worth a trip down at some point, though! Both are fairly evenly matched, though Mukhiani may be slightly easier to reach via subway.

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